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The Boy

The Boy was on my bedroom wall before I even knew him. He was wearing a Gucci suit, stood next to a naked woman. I already loved his brother so I guessed I would probably love him too.

I held my breath the first time I heard The Boy’s voice. “Can you hear the knocking in your soul?” he asked. An angelic cry that made me feel alone in a crowd of people.

I once kissed someone because he looked like The Boy. I know, that’s a very strange thing to do but I was drunk and a bit lost and did silly things like that back then.

The first time I met The Boy, he was sat on a dressing room floor with a marker pen, writing on the wall.

D..E..L..A…I interrupt.

“I think it might be bad luck to write your band name on a wall “he whispered and changes it to De La Soul.

The first time I am alone with The Boy, he tells me secrets. He wears a T-shirt with a lobster on it. He orders tea. He does the best impressions I’ve ever seen and can talk in any accent under the sun. I’m sold.

To be around him is to be in the presence of another world. I’m not sure he’s from here. His aura radiates creativity and something flows through him that I have never seen in another human.

At the same time, he is the weirdest dichotomy of being polar opposites all at once, like oil and water desperately trying to mix but swirling away from each other like unrequited love.

He owns an unshakable knowledge that he will achieve everything he wants to. There is no plan B. There never has been.

Yet the castle he has built is so precarious, made of glass teetering on a cliff edge, it could be shattered in a heartbeat by only a scathing look.

And despite this, the Boy’s belief in me is unwavering. I love who I am in his reflection. He calls me magnetic, oceanic and in him, I feel all these things.

The Boy helps me stand up when I want to sit down. He asks me what I’m reading, what I’m scared of, what my favourite colour is.

And even though we find ourselves in hell, I would choose him again and again. I would choose us and the all spaces in between the moments.

For The Boy is pure magic and always has been.



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