A place to discuss hard stuff that happens to humans



Would you like to contribute to Beneath the Weather? I am not unique in hard stuff happening in my life. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional author or a computer programmer who secretly writes at night while your kids are asleep.

Each piece needs to be between 800-1300 words and include two to three high-resolution images. Your words can be inspiring, they can be funny but sometimes having to be positive all the time is exhausting so they can also be fucked up or sad. I understand there may be parts of your story you don’t want to be revealed to the world, that’s absolutely your decision but I’ve found really good stuff happens when you let go of your truest thoughts, that’s when peoples shoulders relax and they think ‘phew, it’s not just me that feels like that’. I can change your name if you would like.

To contribute to Beneath the Weather, please get in touch.

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